We want to say many thanks to the Christmas gnomes, thanks to whom a real celebration took place at the Sprīdītis orphanage on 27.12:

- Thank you to everyone who found the time and means to prepare each child exactly the gift he was waiting for. Know that you gave these children not just a gift, but faith in a miracle! List of donors - above;

– Special thanks to Diana Ivanova and Diodora Donyuk for the sweets for the children;

– I thank the iDental team and Natalja Yakusheva personally for useful gifts for children – toothbrushes and toothpaste;

– Thank you to Rudaga and personally to Inese Testeleca for the additional gifts for the children, as well as for the funds collected during the Christmas Star charity event. All funds will be used for further events for children from Latvian orphanages;

– Thank you to Yekaterina Garkulei-Gureviča and Gunita Misteri for the art therapy class, which made this day more special;

- Thank you to everyone who transferred funds to the fund's account - thanks to you, we will be able to hold at least 3 events in the first quarter of the new year.

Happy New Year!