February 19 was a real sports day at the Children and Youth Center of Riga Municipality "Imanta". Zaur Javadov, the European and world champion in kickboxing, came to visit the children.

Zaur not only conducted the training, showing his favorite exercises, but also presented the children with the necessary sports equipment. Let us remind you that in December of last year, Zaurs organized a promotion among his friends and followers, within the framework of which he invited to donate funds to our foundation in honor of his birthday. Funds that will be spent on the purchase of sports equipment for the Imanta Orphanage.

Then, on February 19, this promise was fulfilled - together with Zaura, we took the children:

  • 3 bicycles;
  • 2 running wheels;
  • 4 skateboards.

We also thank our friends sportsserviss.lv and personally Aleksander Pokermans for the fact that we were able to add 3 more skateboards to the gifts, so in total we gave them 7!

Together we can!

How did we go - see. video: