With the aim of reducing public prejudices, on 24.10.2019 our foundation "Bärnu rīts" and VSAC "Rīga" branch "Teika" held an open event "Conjuring joy in the fairy tale of bubbles". The event was attended by children from VSAC "Rīga" branches, among the guests were host families, volunteers, well-known persons and other interested parties who are not indifferent to the fate of children.
The event was only possible thanks to the considerable support. Heartfelt thanks:
@intarsbusulis @kasparszemitis
@aminata_savadogo for musical surprises;
@vitavitola @linasweet30 Angela and Ilze for messing up the employees of the center;
for the manager @torettoedgars; for a saxophonist @ainars.sviklis.music
For companies @martinaburbuli.lv
and @valdman_events for wonderful performances; for companies@mixmax.more
@latvijasroze @gaisa_prieks for decorating the premises;
@skanagaisma.lv for technical support; admissions @yakuza_riga
@futurusfood VIS Brokerhouse, ARKOLAT Home Cafe, @kekavas.avots and Shakotis Riga for a treat;
@madame_biskvit for a holiday cake;
@gotardophoto for great pictures.
Thank you guests @alfijs @lewsbe @yelenagricuk and for everyone else ❤️ together we are a team!