No The date Name of the event Event description
1 15.01.2020 Christmas trip to Ozolie Children receive their desired Christmas gifts from Ozoliem
2 30.01.2020 Celebrating the joys of winter with Roberto Meloni 30.01.2010 – the open event "Ziemas prieki together with Roberto Meloni" at VSAC "Riga" branch "Teika". Children are taken on horseback, then a fantastic concert with the participation of the group DAGAMBA and Roberto Meloni, as well as a magic show, takes place in the hall. A delicious treat follows
3 08.02.2020 LNK fight night Children from RPBJC structural units "Ziemeli", "Apīte" attend the wrestling show "Rīga Arena"
4 13.02.2020 We play sports with a champion Athlete Raimonds Aukstikalnis led a training session for the students of the "Ziemeļi" orphanage
5 15.02.2020 Hockey together with DINAMO RIGA Thanks to the support of Dinamo Riga, the students of 8 orphanages had the opportunity to attend a truly fantastic hockey game
6 17.02.2020 We bake pizzas Italissimo Thanks to the support of the Italissimo restaurant, each child had the opportunity to bake their own pizza under the guidance of a real Sicilian chef. Afterwards, the children ate delicious ice cream and had a nice time with Roberto Meloni. As a farewell, each participant received delicious sweets. Children from Dobele, Jelgava and Riga participated
7 21.03.2020 Provision of furniture and appliances We provide a beautiful floor lamp, 3 sofas, curtains and two colorful bean bags. We also buy a music center, a computer and a mobile phone
8 25.03.2020 Disinfectants for wipes Disinfectants are sent to Rēzekni (Tiskadu Children's Home) for children
9 27.03.2020 Purchase of sports equipment and equipment for Teika For our children in Teika, we buy: a tablet for classes, physiotherapy mats, a sofa and mats; some office tables, as well as many things for outdoor activities: seesaw, basketball hoop, soccer goal, etc.
10 02.04.2020 Delivery of protective equipment to orphanages We provide three institutions (Elizabete, Teika, Riga) with the necessary protective equipment
11 02.04.2020 Support for the Children and Family Support Center of Smiltene County We respond to the needs of the Smiltene family support center - our volunteers donate a cot and stroller to the new mother, but we buy pampers, board games, toys, stationery and scooters
12 04.04.2020 Purchase of household goods for Selga Our volunteers help provide for the needs of the Selga Children's Home (Ventspils) - they send the center new slippers, swimming caps and much more, even a novelty! We buy pillows, blankets, bed linen and blinds
13 04.04.2020 We are preparing Elizabeth for summer We are buying a large outdoor pool, running bikes, cars and developing boards for the center of Jelgava. DIP DAP donates 3 dip dapu wheels to the center and our amazing volunteers send clothes and shoes to the center
14 04.04.2020 Gifts for Elea – sports and household goods We send to the center the things you need in the farm - brazier, mixer and pan, laundry baskets and much more - even shoe racks, soccer goals and volleyball net
15 08.04.2020 The vitamin was given to Riga children's social care centers To make children happy during the COVID 19 pandemic, we are sending fruit baskets to VSAC "Rīga" branches (Teika, Rīga, Pļavnieki)
16 09.04.2020 Providing households with household goods and equipment We provide our friends - Tiskadus Children's House (Rēzekne) with what they need. Taking into account the move, dishes (including saucepans, pans, etc.), TV and other goods were relevant - we buy everything
17 10.04.2020 Provision of VSAC "Rīga" branches with outdoor lighting elements Thanks to supporters, we provide 3 branches with new outdoor lighting elements
18 13.05.2020 Greenhouse for the Riga branch The "Rīga" branch is given a greenhouse, where children plant tomatoes, cucumbers and spices and are diligently interested in what will grow
19 16.05.2020 Buying the necessary things for Płavnieki Purchased: microwave oven (2 pcs.); 3 new TVs; children's playground; bed sheets; rocking chair; kinesiological tapes, etc
20 17.05.2020 We provide you with the necessary Imanta We help Imanta with such useful goods for the summer - summer tables, chairs, grill and multicooker pots, we also buy a vacuum cleaner. Slackline tape sets are also very useful - for more fun spending time outdoors
21 19.05.2020 Northern gym We are participating in the charity campaign organized by @Kristaps Zutis and @Lews Be, helping with the construction of a gym at the Ziemeki orphanage - we are buying a new exercise bike 🚲
22 19.05.2020 Congratulations Smilteni When we find out that two brothers are celebrating their birthdays in the center of Smiltene in May, we order them a long cherished dream - electric motorcycles
23 03.06.2020 Electric toothbrushes for Płavniek Thanks to sponsors, electric toothbrushes are provided to VSAC "Rīga" branch "Pļavnieki".
24 04.06.2020 Oxygen concentrator An oxygen concentrator was purchased for VSAC "Rīga" branch "Pļavnieki".
25 22.06.2020 Necessary items for Vita Purchased exercise mats; multicookers
26 03.07.2020 Conference hall in Graši 50 chairs and 8 conference tables were purchased for the improvement of the conference hall of the Grasu children's village
27 06.07.2020 Greening of the lawn area  Landscaping and cleaning of the territory of VSAC "Rīga" branch "Pļavnieki".
28 14.07.2020 Modern cuts in the Barbershop Wood Religion Barber Shop creates haircuts for the youth of Teika
29 25.07.2020 Holidays in Mayroses An event was held in the stable with the participation of four orphanages - there was a horse ride; roasting meat; face painting; animation program etc. Children played sports games with volunteers, at the end participants received gifts
30 August 2020 Visiting Tarzan Children from four institutions (on different days) visit Adventure Parks "Tarzāns" throughout Latvia
31 August 2020 Time for school We are preparing three institutions for the school based on the lists of needs (Elizabete, Ozoli, Sprīditis)
32 August 2020 Creativity in Teika  Paints, canvases, etc. were purchased for children's creative lessons.
33 18.08.2020 Cups with children's names Cups for children. In anticipation of school, printed cups with the name of each child were bought for Elizabeth and Sprīdīt.
34 18.08.2020 Happy Birthday Custom cakes for Teika girl's birthday
35 21.08.2020 Rafting The students of Spridīš went on a trip down the river with a raft for the first time, we also got to the sea, where we had a delicious lunch
36 31.08.2020 School welcome in Teika In honor of the start of school, pretzels, buns, juices were purchased.
37 07.09.2020 Charity festival "Children's morning 2020" The charity festival "Children's Morning 2020", which took place on September 7, gathered more than 200 people - children and their teachers from six orphanages in Riga, as well as volunteers and supporters of the foundation. Artists such as Marija Naumova, Lauris Reiniks, Aija Andrejeva, Andris Kivičs, Chaina, Baiba Reine, rappers Nātre, Zutis and Deniss, as well as illusionist Robijs Trankalis took part in the celebration of the beginning of the new school year, while the event managers Edgars took care of the good mood of the children and guests. Toretto and Roberto Meloni
38 16.09.2020 Support for the baby Purchase of necessary things for the infant of a woman left without parental support
39 16.09.2020 We draw autumn In preparation for the autumn fair, Teika's children and I drew autumn under the guidance of a professional artist
40 16.09.2020 We create postcards Continuing the preparations for the fair, we are conducting a master class for children in creating postcards
41 23.09.2020 We paint shirts The final stage of preparing the goods for the fair - we paint the shirts in Teika
42 28.09.2020 We bake pizzas Italissimo - event 2 This time, children from Sprīdīš and Imanta had the opportunity to bake their own pizza under the guidance of a professional chef
43 07.10.2020 Autumn fair On October 7, the autumn sun was shining, an outdoor event organized by the "Children's Morning" Charity Foundation took place in Teika - the Autumn Fair. Throughout September, the children carefully prepared for the fair - they drew, glued and even painted shirts. Invited guests could buy children's goods for donations, and the event program included an auction of children's works. The total amount of donations was fantastic - 535 EUR! As soon as security measures allow it, the children will go on a leisure trip to the Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA with the money earned, where they will also have lunch with a view of the sea. It will be the first experience of this kind for children.
44 16.10.2020 Purchase of computers for Smiltene The computers needed for distance learning are purchased
45 16.10.2020 Purchase of medical equipment for Płavnieks  Purchased a feeding pump, food dispensers, etc
46 22.10.2020 Technique for Imanta Providing Imanta with the necessary equipment (mixer, blender, multicooker, etc.)
47 23.10.2020 Furniture for lawns Purchased sofa, tables, TV, etc
48 28.10.2020 Furniture for Elizabeth A new sofa is purchased for the center, and the flooring for two houses is replaced
49 29.10.2020 Sports training in Spriditis A sports training was held in the Jūrmala municipal institution "Sprīdītis" under the leadership of Artjom Savdonas
50 11.11.2020 Judo lessons We pay for judo lessons for children left without parental support
51 23.11.2020 Spruce In response to the request, both artificial and live firs were purchased for the care centers
52 10.12.2020 Insults to Teika Purchase of curtains for the children's room at the Teikas branch
53 11.12.2020 Music therapy Music therapy for a child with autism spectrum disorder
54 15.12.2020 Gingerbread in Teika In preparation for Christmas, gingerbread was baked - dough was bought.
55 December 2020 Christmas promotion "With heart" Christmas promotion "With heart". Annual campaign of the fund, within the framework of which children and orphans left without parental support write letters to Santa Claus and receive the gifts of their dreams. In 2020, 1062 children from all over Latvia received gifts as part of the campaign.