Veronika, 15 years old. Lives in the State Social Care Center "Riga", Branch "Teika".

Veronika likes to take on the role of leader and feel more mature than the other girls in the group. Most willingly communicates and cooperates with adults, helps with daily tasks - meals, cleaning rooms, sorting laundry.

Veronika really likes to dress up, to choose her own clothes, to be beautiful and the most beautiful. She, like any girl at this age, longs to be the most beautiful, dreams of being a princess, dreams of being liked by herself and also by some guy. But most of all, Veronika dreams of giving her friends and sisters her own, most beautiful picture.
Therefore, it would be a real and true fulfillment of Veronika's dream day little "Ieva" transformations.

Skilled and knowledgeable manicure master a visit that would not only clean your hands, but would also be able to tell you that your hands should always be taken care of. Careful and smart hairdresser a visit that not only washes and styles the hair, but also simply tells you how often you should wash your hair and how, whether it is necessary to dye your hair and how often. Easy makeup and a little stylist's touch. And in conclusion, beautiful, professional photo with Princess Veronica proving that dreams do come true.

Social educator Dace helped write down the girl's dream

Veronica's drawing "Princess":

PS Info from Yaroslavl:

  • The girl would also like to pierce her headphones;
  • I think that we should also provide a beautiful dress for the princess and shoes (shoes 40-41 wider foot, height 164 cm).