I would like to share what a representative of the orphanage administration said: "You know, I have been working in this field for 15 years. And for the first time I see that these children do not receive the same gifts, but exactly what they want. It's priceless!” 🥰

At the end of our marathon - a video from the center "Ozoli" (Madonas Nov.). Thank you ❤️
– For gift givers for great gifts 🎁 Alina Gancheva Alina KostarevaBaiba Luse Puzule Anita Strazda Anna Kolosova Catherine Kelsey Natalia Freiberg Andrey Ivanov (Andrej Ivanov) Darya Khanevich Екатерина Арупа (Ekaterina Arupa) Елена Курсите Karina Abaranyan Li Ka (Li Ka) Julia Borovikova
– Dana Widow and to her amazing team for being wonderful with the kids 🥳
– Diana Jankowski for sweets 🍭
– Alexander Pokerman for sports equipment 🏀