No The date Name of the event Event description
1 21.01.2019 Suntaž boarding primary school - provision of the rehabilitation center with necessary items The following necessary items (new) are purchased for the Suntaž boarding elementary school - rehabilitation center: towels (15 pcs.); pillowcases (20 pcs.); sheets (6 pcs.). New and slightly used clothes are also taken away
2 28.01.2019 Repair of the playroom of the family support center "Zīļuks" (Ergļu prov.). *Dismantling of existing doors (5 pieces) and assembly of new interior doors, including fittings, installation of jambs and decoration of aisles;
*Dismantling of existing lamps and installation of new Led Panels (600*600) (9 pieces)
3 14.02.2019 VSAC "Rīga" branch "Teika" providing the necessary items The following necessary goods are purchased for the branch (new): Digital camera; wi-fi router (2 pcs.); Laptop Lenovo; Philips LED TV; Vacuum cleaner Philips; Hair dryer Philips (2 pcs.); Airex carpet Fitline (2 pcs.); Rucanor exercise ball 90cm (3 pcs.)
4 19.02.2019 We play sports with a champion In the RPBJC branch "Imanta", a sports lesson is held under the leadership of kick-boxing champion Zaur Javadov. Also, the branch receives new sports equipment: skateboards (7 pcs.); running wheels (2 pcs.) and wheels (3 pcs.).
5 01.03.2019 A day of beauty A day of beauty is held at the RPBJC branch "Imanta". Professional hairdressers, make-up artists, photographers, manicurists participate. At the end – gifts and cake.
6 18.04.2019 Introduction to the sport of judo In cooperation with the Social Sports Agency, a sports event is taking place at the Vsevolod Zelioni judo school. Children are introduced to the history of judo, basic principles, and also try various exercises in practice. At the end of the event, gift cards from Yakooza restaurant are presented to both children and parents.
7 24.04.2019 Providing the association "Centrs Elizabete" (Jelgava) with necessary items The following necessary items are purchased (new): spring hats for all children; developmental games; 2 pairs of roller skates; 4 skateboards; 7 scooters and smart TV. Clothes and shoes were also taken (including 32 new pairs of shoes)
8 29.04.2019 Providing imanta with roller skates 10 new roller skates are purchased, and 4 tickets to Zaur Javadov's fight are given
9 26.05.2019 Sports equipment for Elea In order to stimulate the children to do more sports, instead of "sitting" on their phones, we bought the following sports equipment for Eleja: sports trainers - skis; trampoline 4.27m; treadmill trainers. Thanks to the company SPORTERA, we took away the balls.
On the other hand, the company donated two new running bikes to Eleja.
10 27.05.2019 Providing the village of Graši children with the necessary  The following items (new) were brought to Graši Children's Village: shampoos, balms, shower gels, creams, toothpastes and brushes, as well as other hygiene products for each child. Household goods (for washing windows, floors, plumbing), laundry powders and fabric softeners, etc. New gas stove and refrigerator.
11 03.06.2019 Trendy haircut from Wood Religion Barbershop Children from 4 orphanages had the chance to experience a truly masculine atmosphere by getting a trendy haircut followed by lunch at McDonalds
12 03.06.2019 Provision of sports equipment for the center "Elizabete" (Jelgava). Thanks to the support of donors, a new basketball hoop with a stand and a trampoline were purchased for the "Elizabete" center.
13 08.06.2019 Providing the family support center "Saulīte" of Valka region with the necessary In response to the request, the family support center "Saulīte" of the Valka region was provided with the necessary items: towels, bed linen sets, a section and a TV
14 10.06.2019 Rita's launch into the big life Rita was offered a completely empty apartment by the municipality. Thanks to people's help, all things necessary for independent living were provided - a new sofa and refrigerator, kettle, stove, table with chairs, dishes and kitchen utensils, etc.
15 10.06.2019 We are preparing Teika for the summer We had the opportunity to buy the following things necessary for the summer for VSAC "Rīga" branch "Teika": garden gazebo; outdoor swing; hammock; the large frame pool and greenhouse, so that children can plant and grow their own vegetables, greens, etc
16 11.06.2019 Fern Flower Educational Lessons Thanks to the financial support of our foundation, the students of SARC "Eleja" had the opportunity to attend two very useful educational classes led by the professionals of "Papardes zieds" organization. The first lesson was about such an important topic as contraception. The second lesson touches on the topic of relationships.
17 14.06.2019 We skate in the Rolleg center Children from Imanta learn how to skate properly. At the end, each child receives a movie ticket.
18 19.06.2019 Have fun with your teeth with iDental With the support of iDental specialists, dental hygiene is performed for children from 2 orphanages, as well as gifts related to dental care are provided. Children are entertained by an animator.
19 20.06.2019 Veronica's dream Princess Veronika's dream was fulfilled as part of the "Fulfill the Dream" project. She started the day at the beauty salon "Chokolade" in Jurmala - enjoying a manicure, a new haircut and color, make-up... After that, Veronika was taken to TC "Spice", where she could choose a princess dress and shoes for herself. The day ended with a wonderful photo session in the Botanical Garden.
20 21.06.2019 In Ligo Teika The employees of the foundation take part in the opening ceremony of VSAC "Rīga" branch "Teika".
21 13.07.2019 Celebrations at the "Majrozes" stable 40 children from four orphanages felt a real sense of celebration. Ice cream, barbecue, bubbles, entertainer, cake and, of course, horse riding. At farewell, each child received a personalized gift.
22 21.08.2019 We enjoy visiting the restaurant The students of "Sprīdīša" had the opportunity to visit the "Tokyo City" restaurant, on Jomas Street - Jūrmala. The children feasted on pizza, sushi and other delicacies.
23 28.08.2019 Waiting for the school in Teika A pre-school celebration was held at VSAC "Rīga" branch "Teika". Thanks to the support of BIXENON.LV, we were able to help with the festive table - the children visited with pretzels, pies, yogurts, and also received new games.
24 29.08.2019 Providing the center "Elizabete" (Jelgava) with necessary items Thanks to the "Bärnu rīts" team, the "Elizabete" center was fully provided with the necessary stationery at the start of school. More than 50 different positions, most of which are in multiple copies: cellars; fillers; school bags and more.
25 30.08.2019 Tarzan's visit Waiting for the new school year, 4 orphanages had the opportunity to visit adventure parks Tarzāns. "Imanta", Grašu children's village, "Sprīdītis" and SARC "Eleja" - all the children are happy about the visits.
26 22.08.2019 Teika rests by Raiskuma lake Thanks to the support of fellow citizens, children from VSAC "Rīga" branch "Teika" were able to spend two joyful days on the shore of Lake Raiskuma, in the guest house "Zakīši". It was so important for them to be outside the institution and everything worked out!
27 02.09.2019 School affairs for Tiskades By cooperating with AAS "BALTA", we were able to provide the children from Tiskadis with all the necessary school supplies.
28 03.09.2019 Help for a low-income family Together with athlete Kristaps Zuti, we got involved in the challenge created by him, providing all the necessary things to start school for a family with many children from Suntaži.
29 05.09.2019 Opening of the "Bridges of Dreams" photo project The Children's Morning Foundation supports the photo project "Bridges of Dreams", within the framework of which 11 families raising terminally ill children have agreed to pose for the world-renowned photographer - American Angela Forker. With her artworks, the photographer wants to show that every child - regardless of their health condition - is a beautiful and loved baby, not a patient or a diagnosis.
30 13.09.2019 Providing a story with developmental games For children's needs, various developmental games were purchased from
31 23.09.2019 Provision of pellets was said Last year, with the help of the company PUPUMAISS (SIA "BIG RED"), we provided VSAC "Rīga" branch "Teika" with 15 beanbags. Now the beanbags needed filling, which we provided. 10 bags (each 90L) were donated by the company "BIG RED", but 15 were purchased by us.
32 01.10.2019 Dental hygiene with iDental The students of VSAC "Rīga" branches "Rīga" and "Teika" were provided with dental hygiene, as well as an animator and lunch
33 24.10.2019 Open event "Conjuring joy in a bubble fairy tale" The first open event was held where everyone could participate. The children enjoyed the saxophone playing and the soap bubble show; Intars Busulis and Aminata performed; children and guests were offered snacks and drinks
34 25.10.2019 We draw with Juta Nova Art studio Each child had the opportunity to draw under the guidance of a professional teacher. Afterwards, the children had lunch from More Sun.
35 14.11.2019 Celebrating Latvia's Independence in Teika In honor of Latvia's Independence Day, pies and pretzels were ordered at Teika.
36 19.11.2019 Providing a fairy tale with necessary things for children Referring to the request, VSAC "Rīga" branch "Teika" provided the children with the following items: shampoos, balms, gloves, scarves, special skin care products, etc.
37 21.11.2019 We are participating in the Pļavnieki Open Door Day event While visiting the open event of VSAC "Rīga" branch "Pļavnieki", a pretzel was bought
38 30.11.2019 Boxing with Kristaps Zuti Boxing training took place in the TM sports studio accompanied by a professional athlete - Kristaps Zuš. After the training, the children were treated to pastries from SuperOma.
39 12.12.2019 Providing the teika with the necessary inventory Referring to the request and in connection with the approach of the holiday, the following items were purchased for VSAC "Rīga" branch "Teika": new tables and chairs; curtains; sofa; sand lamp and easel; fir tree
40 15.12.2019 Christmas trip - Graš children's village As part of the Christmas campaign, each child receives exactly the gift they asked Santa Claus for
41 16.12.2019 Welcome to the "Elizabete" center As part of the Christmas campaign, each child receives exactly the gift they asked Santa Claus for
42 17.12.2019 Grasshoppers As part of the Christmas campaign, each child receives exactly the gift they asked Santa Claus for
43 19.12.2019 FLYING The children were entertained by animators with a chemical show, then Salavecis presented each of them with the desired gift. In the end, everyone had lunch
44 19.12.2019 Providing children with new sports shoes With the support of members of the business club BNI Latvia, 59 new replacement shoes for children were purchased. Children from 9 orphanages throughout Latvia were provided with shoes
45 20.12.2019 CINEMA Day at the Acropolis Young people had a unique opportunity to visit the CINEMA screening of “Star Wars” in IMAX format. Before the screening, a meal was served and individual Christmas gifts were presented. Popcorn and drinks were also purchased.
46 23.12.2019 Said At the end of the Teikas Christmas event, the children received the desired gifts and sweets
47 25.12.2019 Theater The children attended the Christmas show "The Snow Queen", then visited McDonalds and received sweet gifts
48 26.12.2019 Christmas greetings for the Lesser Thrushes (Dobele) Our team visited the children in Dobele, giving the children exactly the gifts that each of them had asked for in their letter to Santa Claus. A punching bag was also taken away.
49 27.12.2019 A winter fairy tale at the Kempinski Hotel The annual charity marathon was concluded in the atmosphere of a Christmas fairy tale, at the "Kempinski" hotel - with the music of Markus Riva and Musiqq
50 28.12.2019 Turkeys The representatives of the foundation visited the children with gifts, which the children requested in letters, as well as sweets
51 28.12.2019 We welcome the North in the New Year The gnomes of the foundation visited the children, presenting personalized gifts
52 30.12.2019 Christmas in Imanta The students of the Imanta orphanage received Christmas gifts, for which they wrote letters to Old Man. With the support of Bamboo ocean, a table was also laid for the children
53 30.12.2019 Gifts from Germany Thanks to cooperation partners from Germany, we had the opportunity to order 143 children gift packs with useful things - new clothes, hygiene products, etc.
54 26.12.2019 New The gnomes of the foundation visited the children, presenting personalized gifts
55 21.12.2019 Selga The gnomes of the foundation visited the children, presenting personalized gifts