VSAC Riga branch Teika a real celebration took place - we welcomed autumn together with the children 🍂 Thanks to the branch team, as well as our volunteers Angela and Yevgenia, the venue was beautifully decorated 🍁 The holiday treat was taken care of LR NBS Air Force the senior chaplain, Captain Ruslan Markevich, who cooked a delicious pilaf; as well as Turya N. family, Nariman Sadykov, Irina Rybakova and Madame biscuit. Coffee was kindly provided for the adults Coffee Bank. Made our holiday more glorious Bon. Balloons and Tent4you.lv, as well as Sound and Light.
The festive program was taken care of Therapy center "Sounds and music"; an illusionist Dmitry Bubin and Светлана Ольга Детские Праздники, but the main surprise was the group Astro'n'out (Official) ❤ Thanks for the photo Gustav Sils.
The Minister of Welfare also attended the event Gatis Eglitis. We sincerely thank everyone involved! Your participation and attention is very valuable! Thanks to the whole team!