Financing of the European Social Fund, ESF project identification No. "Support for social entrepreneurship", Grant agreement No. 263842/SU0000258

  1. In January 2018, the head of the "Bärnu rīts" foundation - Jaroslava Tomaseviča - founded the social enterprise "Jauniėš rīts".

The aim of the project is to help children and orphans left without parental support to socialize and realize themselves in professional life. The implementation of the project was possible thanks to For the Ministry of Welfare and the financial institution ALTUM.

Within the framework of the business project, two main social issues for society are addressed significant issues:

1) Socialization of children and orphans left without parental support (hereinafter referred to as the target audience) in society. It is very important for the target audience to feel attention and interest in themselves, to participate in various types of events - entertainment, sports, education, etc.

2) Training courses and placement. Currently, after "coming out" of care institutions, as well as foster families and guardians, the target audience has very limited opportunities to successfully settle in the labor market. They don't have parents to pay for vocational courses or place them in well-paying jobs.


Companies are invited to cooperate in socially responsible spending of their marketing budget!

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Jaroslava Tomasevic