▶️When according to all the forecasts it is raining, but here we have the sun 🌞
▶️When the children ask if there will be such a celebration next year and if they can stay until the evening 🥰
▶️When the volunteers are so united that they require a separate meeting 😀
▶️When after a huge portion of shashlik, the children ask for an extra portion 🍽
▶️When two companies that were supposed to invoice after the event say: "Let's do without an invoice this time" 🤗
▶️When the parents of two children are deprived of their parental rights and these children are specially brought to our event 😿
❤️ Understand that NOTHING IS FORWARD! 👏
We sincerely thank:
"Maijrozes" stable for hosting
Baker Nutrition for the gift for everyone and help with the organization
Tent4you.lv about the big tent
Bons.Balloons for decorating the holiday
Futurus Food Latvia, 8Lounge, PickAqua, Madame biskvit, SuperOma for great snacks and drinks
Светлана Ольга Детские Праздники (Svetlana Lana) and Studio "Mango" waxing & spray tan for the joy of children!
Special thanks to Gottardo Ronītis, Алексей Заяц and Максим Алексеевич for the photo and video materials.
Gottardo Ronitis:
Alexey Zajac: